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“I can tell you Jay went above and beyond to provide my clients (and me) with exemplary customer service throughout the entire lending process. The weekly updates he provided and the clear line of communication ensured the buyers and I were always aware of what was happening behind the scenes. This allowed us to focus on the purchase and sale of my clients current home instead of constantly having to ask for updates. If you haven’t worked with Jay Gilmore I highly recommend it. Not only is he incredibly professional but he really cares about the people he works with. Jay is truly an asset to Benchmark Mortgage and those who get the chance to meet him. Thanks for a wonderful experience, Jay!”

– Joe C.

“Jay Gilmore guided and helped us through the process of buying our first home. He was most efficient throughout our loan application process and closing, as well as very patience with us getting everything in order, as we also welcomed our newborn baby. He provided exceptional service and answered all our questions. We highly recommend him. Thanks Jay!”

– Crystal C.


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In the mortgage business, nothing is more valuable than proof of excellent service. The best evidence is not our low ratio of complaints, or the full branding of what is merely our everyday approach to lending: Lifetime-Loan-wBG-300x47. The best evidence is your testimony and what other clients have said.

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